Our Fund

The VT Holland Advisors Equity Fund, launched on 21st June 2021, is managed in line with our investment approach. It has been converted from the Farnam Street Capital Fund which had been in existence since 2011.

We invest in what we believe to be great companies run by great managers and invest in them when they are out of favour in the wider market. Our approach is inspired by Warren Buffett and a few other wonderful investors. We are significant investors in our own fund – we eat our own cooking.

The VT Holland Advisors Equity Fund is available via investment platforms including A J Bell, Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor, Pershing and Share Deal Active Рalso via most wealth managers.

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Any information provided above on Farnam Street Capital (the name of our fund prior to June 2021) is for information purposes only. It is not an inducement to invest in the VT Holland Advisors Equity Fund. Potential investors should instead look at closely at the documentation for this fund.

“Patience and inactivity
are the two hardest
disciplines in investment”

– Neil Collins