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Great Businesses and Managers

Buffett Letters from 1965

Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letters are a must read for insights into business strategy. Read them individually via the Berkshire Hathaway site.

The Essays of Warren Buffett - Larry Cunningham

Larry Cunningham has done a great job summarising the Berkshire letters in this book.

A letter to his shareholders 1973 - Marcel Bich

A single sided letter that shows the clarity of thought required and often demonstrated by great entrepreneurs.

Next’s Lord Wolfson on share buy backs

Another great entrepreneur showing clear thinking on a subject many get confused by.

The Outsiders - William N Thorndike Jr

8 real-life examples of exceptional CEO successes.

The Ten Commandments for Business Failure - Donald R. Keough

Bill Gates reviewed this book as follows "Don's commandments for failure will teach you more about business success than a whole shelf full of books". We agree.

Investing Against the Tide - Anthony Bolton

A wonderful book that will improve any investors day-to-day interactions with the stock market from arguably the greatest UK Investment Manager of the last 40 years - a must read.

Built to Last - Jim Collins

Collins' core ideas in identifying successful businesses (centring on culture, audacity and innovation) are very instructive.

Holland Advisors Commentary

Our one page summary notes on Built to Last by Jim Collins /p>

100 Baggers - Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer's useful and very readable book is a strong reminder of that great line: 'Buy right and sit tight'!

Chuck Akre's VIC 2011 speech

Chuck Akre's 2011 speech at the Value Investor Conference offers great insight to those of us seeking Compounders! His track record (+19% since 1994) suggests he should be watched closely!

Delivering Shareholder Value (in the UK) – Halma plc

David Barber has an superb track record as an owner-manager at the helm of Halma plc for over 3 decades. This 1997 speech is excellent and is as pertinent today as it was then.

Jeff Bezos’ 2015 letter to shareholders

Bezos’ annual letters are a must-read for all serious investors. This letter from 2015 (and the section titled ‘Invention Machine’ which discusses Amazon’s internal decision-making process) offers insight into the operational sophistication of the one of the best companies the world has ever seen.

Forbes Profile of Henry Singleton

A 1979 Forbes profile on the legendary capital allocator and ‘Outsider’, Henry Singleton. Buffett once wrote that Singleton has “The Best Capital Deployment Record In American Business". We tend to agree.

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